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Learning to Live (Poem)
Humility for me was never a virtue, nor one of my strengths
In vanity I lived, in vanity would have been my end
Reprobate is a lifestyle, usurped into the minds of man
How could we value others, when selfishness is our best friend
The same tired cycle day after day
Blinded in ignorance we can't see how we're enslaved
We've idolized the creation and the Creator we've put away
As if the creation was the source from whence we came
But glory to God a plan is always in place
That brings us back to the design that He originally made
Living to love Him and others is the lifestyle to strive for each day
Though impossible on our own to achieve, He made a way
Living for others, all my needs have been supplied
Through Him I've learned the real values in this life
That there's much more to life than what meets the eye
And the simple art of blessing those whom pass me by
I've learned to value what comes next
Once this body has been laid to rest
That though we mourn those who have left
There will co
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Much More Than Entertainers (Poem)
You were never called to be just a simple entertainer
When you have the fire of God you can be a world changer
But if you end up trading God to gain the world's favor
The truth is that you've placed your eternal destiny in danger
Do not be conformed to the world, tempted by its temporary pleasures
It's just a way to hold you back from discovering life's  true treasures
You can love the world, but it'll rip you apart, becoming your oppressor
But glory to God, the Lord is always willing to put you back together
You can choose to entertain the world and be forgotten a few years later
Or you can change the lives of total strangers, and always be remembered
However, keep in mind when doing right you'll always have the haters
But how you deal with them now, can leave them changed forever
To whom much is given, much is required
You've been given much influence, use that to fulfill God's desires
With God at the top, you'll keep reaching higher and higher
May the Lord put in your spirit an unqu
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Thoughts of a Sojourner
So many people blame God for all of their afflictions
Even though they know they've never made him part of their decisions
Angry and confused, they may say "God, why is it that you hate me!?"
But have you even opened the book with all His answers lately?
If you think giving God away (removing) so that you can make a bad relationship work is a good idea, then there is no limit to what you'll give away to try and make that person you put above God happy. You'll give away your self-worth, dignity, integrity, and everything else you had of value because you can't allow something to fail that through disobedience you invested so much into it. You don't want to be wrong, you'll give anything to prove that you made the right choice. You've removed God because you felt He was restricting your ability to please the person you are with. In the end you find out there is nothing you can give a person to satisfy them, your pride took you to a place you'd never thought you'd be but glory to God, tha
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The Cure for Death is Life
In the world of the show The Walking Dead, an airborne virus has spread throughout the earth and has become part of the surviving humans. The virus becomes fully active once a person dies and they become zombified, a reanimated corpse.  One can imagine a zombified person to itself is the most free. It is free of many of the things that make us human. Free of responsibility, free of emotion, free of law and order, among other things. It can focus solely on its desires.
Sin is like that virus, in which once a person dies spiritually it takes hold and transforms that person in similar fashion. Sin, like that zombie virus is relentless, indiscriminate, and all consuming. Those that have been given over to sin can see things the same way. Free to do as one's heart desires, without fear. However, those who are on the outside (survivors if you will) see things with a much different perspective. They can see how that "freedom" is more of a bondage and how destructive it is to the host and
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Paid in Full (Poem)
Imagine it as if it was happening today
The hour was dawning in which it would be His last day
Jesus, took 3 of His disciples and went out to pray
As the death He'd prophesied was but a short time away
He began to be filled with sorrow and became deeply distressed
"My soul is exceedingly sorrowful even to death.."
So strong was his distress that blood expelled as He sweat
Three times He asked them to stay awake and pray but three times they slept.
"Are you still sleeping and resting? Behold the hour is at hand,
And the Son of Man is being betrayed into sinners' hands.
Rise, let us be going. See My betrayer is at hand"
The betrayer Judas arrives and with a kiss hands over the Son of Man
Through unjust trials He pushed right on through
Never denying who He was as King of the Jews
They mocked and jeered and their blood lust grew
Crucify Him! They shouted, though His innocence was proved
Tortured, humiliated, battered and bruised
He knew the cup He'd drink from was to save me and you
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Afraid To Be Alone (Poem)
It's obvious being alone is one of your greatest fears
It's why you fall for any man who can sweet talk you in your ear
You know you've been through all this ordeal before
But you ignore the signs and to your heart you always open up the door
It's like you don't believe you're really worth it any more
Every man you've let in takes all you have  and demands more
Stomps over your heart and just lets your tears pour
Time for a change, you need your body and soul restored
You need to look up and see there's more to your life story
You need to accept the need for change and just give Him glory
Submit to a greater plan, you're better off in The Lord's hands
You've done it your way and have only found disappointment in the hands of man
The Lord has promised to never leave nor forsake you
That's more than any man who claimed the same truth
For all the promises God gives, He always sees them through
Time to shake off the pain and rejection your heart has bounded to
It's not to late to change th
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Hello, in my country it is friday evening already so I'm wishing you all a blessed Saturday!
May GOD be with you! ^_^
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Welcome, here you can submit verses from the Bible, drawings with a Biblical concept.. just something about the one and only God and faith.
Leviticus 19:4 Turn ye not unto idols, nor make to yourselves molten gods: I am Jehovah your God. ASV
Leviticus 19:30 Ye shall keep my sabbaths (Saturday!), and reverence my sanctuary; I am Jehovah. ASV
(Jeremiah 29:11)
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